Changes in the access fee to Petrobras tenders

Petronect, the Petrobras group’s purchasing and contracting portal, has changed the method of paying the access fee to public tenders since October 1, 2023. The fee became monthly, with the supplier choosing a subscription period of 1 to 6 months.

For example, if the supplier chooses the 6-month option, they will pay your subscription in proportion to this period. After 6 months, a new invoice will be generated for payment. The invoice must be accessed through the Petronect website, after the company has registered.

It is important to highlight that the supplier can choose to pay the subscription fee only when interested in a public tender. However, you must consider the risks regarding the deadline for sending proposals for the desired opportunity. The supplier must access the registration, go to “my subscriptions” and pay the fee on the same day, as only after payment and bank clearing, the supplier will have access to public opportunities.


Strategic analysis platform for Petrobras bids

Strategic analysis platform for Petrobras bids

My Petronect" is the new platform that helps Petrobras manage its suppliers' activities. On this platform, suppliers will find it easier to search for opportunities in public tenders. In addition, the supplier will be able to access the history of its competitors in...