Former partners do not have responsability for the payment of non-fulfilled agreements

In a recent decision, the 8th court of the TRT 15th Region decided not to hold former partners responsible for the default of a labor agreement. In the lawsuit, the reclaimant alleged default of the labor agreement by the business company she worked for and named three companies as defendants, under the economic group theory. Later, the complainant included the two former partners in the list of defendants.

As for the economic group, despite understanding and attesting its existence, the judge made it clear that for its configuration it is necessary to prove it. He then explained that at the time the damage caused was perpetrated, the last two defendants were no longer part of the partnership, which is why the magistrate rejected the request for liability of the former partners.

In this way, therefore, it was ruled that the three defendants who formed the economic group are jointly and severally responsible for meeting the pecuniary obligations arising from the sentence, being excluded the two former partners in the above grounds.

Photo: Canva


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