Mota Advogados was founded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro – with a strong presence in the oil sector and foreign investment -, and Murayama & Affonso Ferreira Advogados was born in 2008, becoming a reference in Tax Law. Resulting from the combination of the two law firms, Murayama, Afonso Ferreira e Mota Advogados stands out for developing lasting and strong relationships with its clients, with the agility and capacity to keep up with business dynamics and generate valuable solutions for those contracting its services, in addition to security to make the best decisions.

The office works with a team of specialists with rigorous technical training and extensive experience, ready to provide legal support to operations, from the simplest to the most complex, and to present solutions for the different issues demanded. We present results through the combination of multidisciplinary legal techniques, considering the different areas of activity of our clients.

Murayama, Affonso Ferreira e Mota Advogados values excellence, efficiency and, above all, ethics in professional practice, values that guide the way the firm works with clients, partners and public administrative and judicial bodies.

The team, led by partners Janssen Murayama, Bruno Affonso Ferreira and Julia Borges da Mota, is made up of professionals who graduated from renowned universities, with a high technical level and constantly updated in their respective areas of activity.

In addition to this expertise, the office has a vast network of contacts and strategic partners, in the most diverse areas, both in Brazil and abroad, allowing participation in any projects and operations, legal or multidisciplinary.

The office has extensive experience in various sectors and business activities, serving national and international clients. It operates in segments such as Oil and Gas, Fuel Distribution, Health, Audiovisual, New Technologies, Personal Hygiene and Cosmetics, Transport and Logistics, Importers and Exporters, Real Estate, Supermarkets, Franchises and Expatriation, among others, in addition to defending the interests of clients legal and natural persons.







Help our clients in the development of their businesses and practice law aimed at building a better world. Offer results obtained in a collaborative, creative and effective way, resulting from facilitated communication between the teams and the client.
To be a law firm in which the members like to work and with which the clients like to work. We prioritize clear, precise and objective communication in order to reflect our principles. We seek to combine legal technique with precision and rigor in carrying out the tasks requested by clients.